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Development June 29, 2021

What’s new in June – and how Shuffle is changing for you

Benedykt Michalski

Inspirational Writer

We are very happy that more and more users choose our editor in their everyday work on projects. In line with our main goal – making developer’s work more enjoyable – we’ve been studying how you use our editor. Based on that, we add new changes and improvements. All of this is done so that you can do repetitive things automatically, and focus on solving the problems that determine the success of your projects. 

1. Everything not saved will be lost… or not?

One of these changes is the “restore version” button and project version history. This allows you to experiment with our components without fear that returning to previous settings will be difficult. Freely juggle more than 2000 UI components from 19 libraries and surprise your customers with polished versions already at the initial stage of cooperation.

restore previous project version frontend

Try it live in our editor →

2. Take a closer look at each component 

Now without having to select components and scroll through submenus you can see their contents. Enable the style editing tab by clicking the button in the bottom left corner:

change bootstrap style

And hover over any component to see the code below it.

inspect element bootstrap

Try it live in our editor →

3. Fixes for our Visual Studio Code plugin

Our editor is great (your words, not mine!), but further polishing the project or making corrections to it sometimes it’s good to move to your favorite IDE. And there is nothing wrong with that – we want you to work the way you are comfortable. That’s why, on the occasion of 1000 downloads, we’ve improved our Visual Studio Code extension. It allows you to use our components, adding them to your project after exporting. 

Of course, this does not mean that you can not work in other IDE. If there are enough people who want to work in other IDEs, we will consider such additions to other environments. 

4. More fresh UI libraries

In June, we added 3 new libraries to our inventory, making our offer ($24 per month!) shockingly good value.

We added for you Zospace – a library with cosmically amazing design, based on Tailwind. 

Plain template for Bootstrap 5, great start in every project where you want to set up the site’s basic structure really quick and polish the design and details later. 

Cronos UI – nature bootstrap template, the perfect combination of luxury and nature. Calm colors combined with modern components will work well in any project. 

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