About Shuffle

Shuffle is an online editor for busy developers.

We help you build professional, responsive pages faster.

In simple words, the Shuffle editor's job is to eliminate repeatable steps in making layouts and give you more time for styling, adding back-end, or new features!

After 12 years of work in web development, I have learned that there will always not be enough time for the perfect completion of a project.

Therefore, what one has to do is as much automation as possible. Eliminating repetitive activities, improving the processes in the known activities, and as quickly as possible proceeding with the difficult tasks that are usually left for the end of the project.

That's why we have created Shuffle. Our editor helps developers ship faultless projects on time, within a presumed budget, and without stress.

Dawid Andrzejewski photo

Dawid Andrzejewski

Founder & CEO at Shuffle

Company location: Warsaw, Poland

We prepared ready-to-use UI components looking perfect on different devices, and we grouped them into several categories (headers, navigations, sign in, etc.). Use them with the drag & drop editor to create templates in seconds!

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For your convenience we also created an extension for Visual Studio Code. If you are in the middle of coding and quickly need components like the Sign-Up form or Pricing section, you can copy them straight from the extension!

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