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templates in minutes

An online editor for busy developers.

Easy peasy template squeezy

As we squeezed four award-winning visual editors into one, even more powerful one.

Bootstrap Shuffle
Tailwind Builder
Bulma Builder
Material-UI Builder
Bootstrap Shuffle - Bootstrap builder for busy developers | Product Hunt Bootstrap Shuffle - Bootstrap builder for busy developers | Product Hunt

Designed for busy developers

Speed up your development process in four easy steps.

Select your favorite front-end technology

Shuffle works with the most popular front-end technologies.

  • Bootstrap 4 and 5 & Material Design for Bootstrap

  • Tailwind CSS 2.0

  • Bulma CSS v0.9

  • Material-UI v4.11

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Choose UI Components

We created 1300+ UI components and grouped them into categories like navigations, headers, and more. It gives you a free hand to build templates, just like you want to!

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Customize framework styles

If you want to control the details, don’t worry! We provided a lot of configuration options to help customize your templates.

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Download source code

When you select the appropriate components and settings, you can download source files to start integrating them with the back-end.

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Easy to use

We know how valuable developers' time is. This is why we worked hard to develop a tool that would be easy to use. You don't need any training to use Shuffle.

Components library

Build templates from library of UI components grouped into 20 most frequently used categories including navigations, headers and more. Choose the right components and focus on the details.

Online compilation

Shuffle provides a lot of configuration options. Our customizer panel displays these options in thematically connected categories and it will allow you to use them effectively.

Convenient pickers

All types of settings include an interface for a quicker implementation of values (color picker, Google Fonts autosuggest, shadow builder, etc.).

1300+ of ready-made UI Components

Live edit

When changing the settings in customizer panel, the Shuffle config is compiled in real time, and you can follow the changes live.

Shareable preview

You can share the prepared project with other team members to review, or you can use a link to check the project on mobile devices.

Exportable sources

Shuffle is a tool for developers. Our goal is to speed up your work. You can download source files to start combining front-end with back-end.

No external dependencies

We do not use any external dependencies apart from those used by the most popular CSS frameworks.

Shuffle Product Roadmap

December 2020

Every day I'm shufflin' ♥️

The new Shuffle has landed! We combined all our editors into one product, and it includes content from:

  • Bootstrap Shuffle
  • Tailwind Builder
  • Bulma Builder
  • Material-UI Builder

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Select your favorite CSS framework. No registration is required.

January 2021

More creativity is coming

January is the month of Atis Shuffle. Our new UI library for Tailwind CSS! It has multiple styles out-of-the-box, and soon after releasing it, we will port it to other CSS frameworks. Try it now!

Q1 2021

Shuffle Marketplace

Marketplace open for creators from all over the world means more beautiful content in the editor!

Q2 2021

Vue, Angular...

Support for Vue, Angular, WordPress is coming to Shuffle!

After opening the marketplace, we will release tools and instructions on creating export plugins for additional technologies.

The Shuffle team is adding support for specific technologies based on their popularity. If you have any technology in mind, send us a tip at [email protected].

Get started with Shuffle today

The easiest way to create beautiful templates

The selected plan includes lifetime access to the editor for Tailwind CSS, Bulma, Bootstrap, and Material-UI.

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Huge Component Library

Multiple themes and 1000+ ready-made UI components.

Flexible solution

Works with Tailwind CSS 2.0, Bootstrap 5, Bulma 0.9 and Material-UI 4.11 (React).

Constant update

Free updates with new UI kits and styles.

No limits

Save unlimited projects for later.

Plugin support

Use Shuffle extension for Visual Studio Code with all UI components.

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