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Shuffle Platform

Leverage your design skills to earn money with subscriptions.

Shuffle Platform is similar to Shopify, but it is intended for people selling resources that are needed for web development. We used this platform to launch Bootstrap Shuffle and Bulma Builder.

Today, all creative developers have the ability to launch a niche marketplace with their own unique style and component library.

For whom:
  • UX/Design studios and in-house design teams.
  • Designers who enjoy a great reach on Dribbble/Behance/Twitter and would like to monetize it using a subscription model for their work.
  • Entrepreneurs who do not develop system designs themselves, but know great designers and know how to sell the whole product afterwards.
Bootstrap Shuffle interface

An example of drag & drop interface.

An example of website ( created using the Shuffle Builder.

Shuffle Enterprise

A perfect Value Added Service (VAS) for your business customers.

Help your business customers create a website they will be proud of.

Shuffle Enterprise is easily and quickly embeddable in any B2B application. It's highly configurable and white-labeled.

For whom:
  • Enterprise companies with many business customers.

Case studies

Bootstrap Shuffle logo

Bootstrap builder for busy developers.

Bootstrap Shuffle is our most popular editor yet.

12 years of working in web development have taught me that there's never enough time to polish your project into the diamond you want it to be.

That is why we use automation. It can eliminate repetitive tasks, improve our workflow, and enable us to quickly lay the groundwork for our projects and move on to mission-critical tasks.

Enter: Bootstrap Shuffle -- a powerful (and stress-relieving :) ) tool for developers who need to ship pristine projects on a deadline, and within a limited budget.

Dawid Andrzejewski, Founder & CEO

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Bootstrap Shuffle is our most popular editor yet.

Shuffle editor can work with any Sass-based framework.

Bulma Builder logo

The first truly advanced editor for Bulma.

Shuffle Editor can work with any Sass-based framework.

After the success of Bootstrap Shuffle, we decided to launch a second editor dedicated for the popular CSS framework, Bulma. The page you're on right now was designed using this exact editor.

Shuffle Editor uses an independent front-end technology and we use it in production to work with frameworks based on Sass and Pug templates. This means that your components and styles can be based on a completely unique solution.

Over the last eight months, thanks to Bootstrap Shuffle and Bulma Builder, our technology has been tested by thousands of users.

Dawid Andrzejewski, Founder & CEO

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