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Start a new project with one million layouts

Generate the website's structure in a few shuffles and finish it in a visual editor.

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Shuffle Editor

Go to our visual editor and polish the generated template. Fill it with text and graphics, and easily change styles and add new components.

Drag and drop editor

Easily add new sections to your website template - choose from 10,000+ beautiful components!

Work without limits

All components have clear code that you can export and edit at any time. There is no vendor lock!

Frameworks you know and love

You don't have to learn things from scratch. Use proven and popular technologies to have full flexibility and the best results.

The easiest way to create beautiful templates

The selected plan includes annual access to the editor for Tailwind CSS, Bulma, Bootstrap, and Material-UI.

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60+ Beautiful UI libraries

Switch between UI libraries and create unique projects every time. You have 10,000+ UI components at your disposal.

Flexible solution

Work in your favorite technologies: Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, Bulma, or Material‑UI (React).

Multiple products included

Access the Shuffle Editor, UI Library Creator, AI Assistant, Alternatives, Components Gallery, and create templates in the most convenient method for you.

No limits

Create and export unlimited projects for yourself or your clients.

Plugin support

Work the way you are comfortable. After exporting, improve your work in any IDE. Registered users can use our Visual Studio Code extension!

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