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SVG Pattern Generator

Free unique designs perfect for your new website or template. Generate SVG patterns in one click and build a whole library of matching elements!

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What is an SVG pattern generator?

SVG pattern generator allows you to create interesting and unique graphics for your website. By choosing the color, shape type and properties of its structure you can create a unique resource for your site, blog, or for use in any other purpose. The SVG format allows you to use it comfortably at work without worrying about scaling.

Why did we make an SVG pattern generator?

Our mission at Shuffle is to create tools that allow developers to work faster and more enjoyably. We provide a friendly editor and ready-made UI libraries for building a site, so that anyone can easily make a beautiful design.

However, even the most beautiful template needs customization. It's worth changing the colors and adding your own graphics to make it unique. That's why we've added image resource generators and will continue to build tools to make this process faster and easier.

Why use patterns on the site?

Neutral gradients and patterns are the perfect complement to any design. They are a great accompaniment to text and will take up space where a suitable image is missing, or where an image would distract from the more important elements of the page. Because you can customize the colors of generated SVG patterns, you can be sure that they will match the design.

Website hero image

The first graphic on a page, the hero header, is not always obvious. Sometimes it's hard to get a visual representation of the content on a page - whether it's a business, store, blog, or art project page. A better choice is to let the text represent exactly what you want to say. The graphic elements are just there to allow your message to be better received.

What is SVG?

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a universal format for two-dimensional vector graphics, also used in animation. It was created for use on websites. Thanks to the fact that it is vector-based, it does not create problems with scaling and resolution changes on different devices.

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