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Bootstrap June 11, 2021

New library to quickly create Bootstrap 5 templates

Benedykt Michalski

Inspirational Writer

Bootstrap 5 is finally stable. After three alphas and three betas Bootstrap creators are still fans of Daft Punk, but more importantly: they are steadily progressing towards making Bootstrap more lightweight, responsive, versatile, and easy for developers to use. 

Coincidentally, this is also our goal at Shuffle – to make developers’ work faster and easier!

Bootstrap 5 with components library

To make it easier for you to check out all the features of Bootstrap 5 we’re adding the Shuffle UX components library to our editor (Plain Bootstrap 5 library). 

Try it live in Bootstrap editor →

We strongly encourage you to try out how our components perform and how fast are sites created with them. Our library will be a great start in every project where you want to set up the site’s basic structure really quick and polish the design and details later. It contains 180+ components in 20+ Categories (headers, pricing, call to action, etc,). This will allow you to instantly build Bootstrap 5 templates for almost every type of website.

Each of the components is fully customizable thanks to our visual drag and drop Bootstrap editor, and if you want to finish your work in your favourite IDE there is a plugin just for that. Check out our Visual Studio Code extension that allows you to use our components.

For Bootstrap 5 templates you can also pick:

  • Zeus Landing library with its modern components and colorful, eye-catching aesthetics that will delight you
  • Metis Shuffle for Bootstrap – If you want your website to look professional, no matter what brand it will represent.
  • and many more libraries for Bootstrap 5 and other frameworks – see them all.

We’ll add many more libraries soon, so make sure you’re in our newsletter list, so you won’t miss any!

Try Bootstrap editor →

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