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Bootstrap June 24, 2021

Nature Bootstrap template – Cronos UI

Sławomir Pawlak

Marketing Manager

We are constantly adding new materials and libraries to our editor for you. This month, it is Cronos UI – nature bootstrap template.

Calm colors combined with modern components will look well in any project. The elegance of the overall template will highlight the confidence of the business or organization that chooses it.

corons landing UI library nature bootstrap template

What is included in Cronos UI – nature bootstrap template

This type of template can be customized for any client who cares about aesthetics. Use our drag & drop editor to select from 180 pre-made components the ones that fit your project. This way you can quickly create a version of your website that you can present to your client. Then you can start working on specific elements of the website, implementing the first corrections. You can create the first working version in 15 minutes!

What the library contains;

👉 over 180 unique components

👉 10 header variants

👉 5 testimonials sections

👉 5 pricing sections

👉 Many, many other subsections

👉 100% responsive

Try it live in Bootstrap editor →

Cronos UI was created for Bootstrap 5, so all its components are fully responsive and are compatible with all modern browsers. Working in our visual editor you can immediately check how a given component will look on a chosen device. Thanks to that you can efficiently fill the whole website template with content and have a working version of the project. You can send a preview to your client almost immediately.

Of course, despite many ready-made components, there is always a need to add new ones or modify the existing ones. You can do it in our editor, changing their code. You are not locked with only drag and drop options, you have full creative freedom, which you are used to when working with your framework.

Once you export your project to the format of your choice, you can link it to your own backend. It can be e-commerce system or CMS. There is no vendor lock-in here.

Our other libraries

Cronos – nature bootstrap template is already the sixteenth library we have added. All their components are available in one subscription along with our drag&drop editor. This makes our offer unbeatable – you get fresh designs and can work much faster and more enjoyable.

We support modern frameworks – Bootstrap 5, Tailwind CSS, Bulma, Material-UI.

Examples of other libraries:

Zoospace - Tailwind template

Zoospace, a cosmically elegant design that will allow you to stand out and emphasize your professionalism – Tailwind

Zeus, with modern components in which a thoughtful choice of colors will attract and delight the eye of any observer. – Bootstrap 5
And much more – see all our templates

Upcoming libraries:

incoming nature bootstrap template

In July, we are redoubling our efforts. First up is Sirius, which will give your dashboards the clarity and crispness you need when working with data. All this with a touch of sensible design that will highlight which diagrams and charts are most important.

Yofte, our first e-commerce dedicated UI library has exactly what you need to create converting stores. Clear components combined with elegant details will ensure that no industry will have a problem fitting their products in there. All this in Tailwind CSS.

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Sławomir Pawlak

Marketing Manager

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