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Stacked Waves Generator

Choose the color and adjust the complexity of the generated pattern to fit the character of the page you are building.

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Why did we create a stacked wave generator?

At Shuffle, we want to give developers the best possible tools to create pages quickly and enjoyably. In addition to an editor, almost every page needs graphics to give it a unique feel, and finding them can be difficult. The Stacked Wave generator allows you to find a shape that doesn't evoke negative connotations while still meeting your aesthetic needs.

We plan to add more patterns and tools to make working in Shuffle even faster and more enjoyable.

How to use a stacked wave pattern generator on your website?

Choose the correct resolution and dimensions for the wave and add the colors that you plan to use on the template. Use RGB settings to avoid inconsistencies. Play around with the dimension and edge configuration for a while. Also choose the position in which it should be placed. Download a couple of variants and test how they are displayed in the intended position.

Website hero image

Sometimes it's hard to decide what the main graphic on a website should be. The visual identity of abstract businesses or projects does not always have to involve a specific image or shape. That's why the wave pattern generator will give you a neutral shape that will help you captivate your audience with text.

What is SVG?

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a universal two-dimensional vector graphics format, also used in animations. It was created for use on the WWW pages. Thanks to the fact that it is vector, it does not create problems with scaling and resolution changes on different devices.

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