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Bootstrap June 3, 2021

What’s coming to Shuffle in June

Benedykt Michalski

Inspirational Writer

Developers are flexible in their work, not only in terms of working hours (yes, we work late too!) but also in terms of the projects themselves.

You’ve probably worked with a demanding client whose ideas exceeded the time allowed to devote to them. That’s why Shuffle is constantly improving the web builder editor and adding new UI libraries – so that developers can quickly build a site that satisfies every client. And the time saved on creating pages can be spent working on details, adding new features, or connecting to the backend.

Therefore, to open up new possibilities for you, we will offer in June such new UI libraries as:

Two new UI libraries by Shuffle

1. Cronos UI

Cronos UI library is the perfect combination of luxury and nature. Calm colors combined with modern components will work well in any project. This library will allow you to create beautiful tailwind templates. Reach out to nature and, with its energy, create beautiful designs.

2. Sirius Dashboard

Our editor is also for dashboards. A professional cannot do without constant insight into the most crucial business data. Dashboards provide real-time views and allow you to analyze and make the right decisions that positively impact your business.

That’s why our second news for June is Sirius Dashboard Library. Modern, well set with easy customization. You can change and move components, so you will get the diagrams and statistics you need.

UI libraries already available in Shuffle

Recently, we added the Zospace UI Library to our editor. It is maintained in a dark color scheme, bringing to mind the depths of space. If you haven’t had a chance to try out its cosmic design yet, you can check it out here.

Zospace UI Library by Shuffle

Also, for undecided developers who still don’t know which framework they would like to build their projects with, we encourage you to compare their capabilities. In our catalog, you can find the Zeus UI library, which is available for the three most popular technologies: Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS and Bulma.

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Can’t wait? Check out best Tailwind templates already available in Shuffle!

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