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Bootstrap February 17, 2020

All editors updated to the most current CSS framework’s version!

Weronika Andrzejewska

Content Creator

Updated: May 28, 2020.

I am in a hurry to inform you that we have updated all three editors to the latest version of the CSS framework!

Bootstrap Shuffle – works with Bootstrap ^4.5.0 💜
Tailwind Builder – works with Tailwind ^1.4.0 💙
Bulma Builder – works with Bulma ^0.8.2 💚

Because there are no breaking changes, we updated all projects to the corresponding versions. To use them, you only need to re-export the project (look for package.json file!).

Kindly reminder, by creating an account in one of these builders, you gain access in all of them!

👉 Try Bootstrap Shuffle or Tailwind Builder or Bulma Builder demo.

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Weronika Andrzejewska

Content Creator

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Weronika Andrzejewska

Content Creator

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Weronika Andrzejewska

Content Creator

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