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Bootstrap Shuffle June 29, 2020

Build your own UI components, VISUALLY!

Weronika Andrzejewska

Content Creator

A month ago, we published a blog post with instructions on how to create components using Custom HTML feature (you can read it: here).

Today, we have an even bigger announcement! You can build your own UI components, VISUALLY!


There are new options in the menu: Containers and Elements.

Containers are unique components that allow you to drop other components into them. So that you can build, e.g., grid structures.

Elements are low-level UI components (button, paragraph, etc.) that allow you to build more advanced UI structures (e.g., header section).

Below you can watch a short video (only 45s) where I re-create one of our Headers section from Tailwind Builder:

Please note that this feature is available in all our editors:

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